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"What the hand does the mind remembers"

- Maria Montessori

"An understanding of basic math concepts early on will eliminate the risk of math anxiety later"

- Dr. Dan

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Dr. Dan’s five scientifically designed Montessori-approach math boards are all about a hands-on and visual introduction to basic math concepts and numerals: 1) Boards are introduced when the child is interested and capable. 2) There is no timeline. 3) Activities are created for the child's enjoyment and accomplishment. 4) The words ‘wrong’ and ‘no’ are seldom, if ever, used as the child explores. 5) Witness the magic as the child makes the connection between the concept of a number and the corresponding numeral!

Possible discoveries before first grade:

Concept of number value, ability to put pieces into various slots, counting, recognition of a number by feel, recognition of corresponding numerals by sight, equal, lesser/greater, adding, subtracting, multiplying, halving, comparing by play, pattern building, problem solving, introduction to algebra equations, grasp of 2- and 3-digit numbers including adding and subtracting, regrouping, multiples of numbers, verbal and written problems, and much about fractions, such as meaning, comparisons, adding, subtracting, and more.

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