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Our Approach To Parenting & Fatherhood

Our Parenting Model

The structure-bonding-connecting parenting model. Parent-child connecting is placed in the context of family, where structure and bonding are defined as separate categories of parenting.

The Elements of the Parenting Model


Setting up a family structure for peace, harmony, health, safety, consistency, and happiness is the responsibility of parents. The rules are made by the parents and bestowed upon the child in a one-way parent-to-child direction

"Fathers connecting with children-- one child at a time--can change the world."

Dr. Dan Padraza


Bonding is the back and forth sharing between the parent and child. Bonding with a child means there is something shared with the child through activity, emotions, or conversation. Examples are playing, eating, laughing, vacationing, hugging, engaging in activities, general fun, and discussing previous events.


Connecting is the process of entering the child’s thought world by listening non-judgmentally one-on-one to the child. The flow travels from child to parent as the parent attempts to gain the child’s trust by being patient, allowing time for the child to process thoughts, and acknowledging the child’s thought-fears. Connecting with a child should be designed to be deep and lasting. The child can develop psychological resilience and prosocial behavior by learning to handle thought-fears that limit or harm and embracing thought-fears that motivate and protect. The goal is to have the child express deep thoughts with little emotion and without parental lecturing. The parent should have a mindset of bringing out the best in the child with minimal guidance.

Our Services

Supportive Services

Fatherhood can be challenging and scary.  You don't have to travel this journey alone.  We provide supportive services, resources, and information to help fathers navigate through fatherhood. 

Presentations & Workshops

If you have a group of men and fathers that need information about fatherhood, we can bring presentations, workshops, and resources to your organization.

Fatherhood Groups

If you are interested in forming a fathers' support group, contact us.

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